5. Agricultural, veterinary, food and environmental sciences

The following are url or download links to descriptions of teaching activities considered to be exemplars and clearly exhibit one or more of the Guidelines in action in the discipline category listed. Browse through the sites to see whether you could use the example described or create a learning activity for your students using the strategy shown. If you feel you have  an example to be recognized as an exemplar of one or more guidelines in action please send it as a link or PDF that describes the activities well enough for someone else to try it to adrianlee2@mac.com I will ensure that you get appropriate attribution.


  • How can we encourage independent learning and interaction in the learning of science using small class situations? Anne Mathews and Dianne Barrington. University of Western Australia. A piece of SOTL where the authors investigate methods of teaching and learning in small classes the objective of encouraging independent , lifelong learning. A method of teaching was employed wherein opportunities for autonomy were offered to third and fourth year students from the Faculty of Agriculture. (Guideline 11 in action). link


    Assessment and Outcomes-Environmental Science. This description of a project at Western Washington University by Scott Brennan describes the review and revision of a course and is a good example of reflection on Learning Ourcomes (Guideline 10) and creation of aligned assessment techniques. (Guideline 15). link


  • You would put in your own exemplars here. Meanwhile I need some for this starter website. Please send to  adrianlee2@mac.com