Discipline specific "Guidelines in action"

The links shown on each Guideline page are from a range of disciplines and illustrate that we have much to learn from how those in disciplines other than our own teach. However, it is useful that we have an opportunity to share examples of exemplar activities in our own discipline particularly from our own institutions. This is the purpose of this section of the website. Each of the links on the left hand side take you to a page where links to teaching exemplars in the named group of disciplines are shown with the identifying numbers of the Guidelines in action that the activity demonstrates. Note if you are building your own Guidelines website you may like to change the categories to be, for example, Faculties. Currently you will see there are few examples. I will slowly build some up as I find them or receive them. If you have any to contribute in your discipline please send them to me as a url link or as an attached  MsWord file to adrianlee2@mac.com.