Do it yourself Guidelines: Create a website for your own institution

I believe that an institution needs to own its Guidelines. There is no suggestion that an Institution adopt the Guidelines as in this website; although some individual academics might find these pages useful. Leaders in Learning and Teaching at an institution are encouraged to consider formulating their own Guidelines, website and links. This website is intended to be a starter kit for initiating a discussion about Guidelines appropriate for the institution and to prevent reinventing the wheel. To this end, an MsWord webcopy document with all the text and live links in this website is available for download below, as a first step in creating your own website. Alternately, if you do not have a webmaster or expertise available to create your own website, we are willing to provide the web site template and database which will give you a duplicate of this site that can be set-up with Drupal We can help you by setting up the site for you and configuring the needed user accounts so you can modify and change the content. Alternativley as the web site is created in Drupal you can create or download your own Drupal template if you would like to change the look of the web site. Contact me if you would like to explore this option. Based on my experience with universities wishing to create their own Guidelines, I would recommend the following steps to encourage ownership.

  • Form a small group with the DVC/PVC Learning & Teaching or equivalent, Director of the Learning and Teaching units and a small group of staff with a commitment and interest in teaching, including representatives of the Academic Board
  • The group could use the downloaded webcopy document (see below) as a basis for the Institutional site, changing where necessary. 
  • Submit the rewritten Guidelines for your institution to your Academic Board for review, modification and ultimately ratification.
  • Ask the Board to officially adopt the guidelines as the "Guidelines on Learning that Inform Teaching at …(name of your Institution)"
  • Create your own website with your agreed-on Guidelines and your own quotes, references and links that are most suitable for your University. Include exemplar examples from your own staff under the Discipline Specific Guidelines section. As incentive, a reward or some other form of recognition could be given to those who contribute an exemplar example.
  • The next stage is to promote and use your Institution's website so that it is useful. The "Embedding" section of this website stresses the importance of embedding Guidelines through all aspects of learning and Teaching in the Institution.

You are welcome to freely use the material in the webcopy document available for download below to help construct your own Guidelines and website. The only condition is that you include the following acknowledgement:
"Acknowledgement: The UNSW Guidelines and associated Toolkit were originally conceived by Adrian Lee, then the Pro Vice Chancellor (Education & Quality Improvement) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney (UNSW) and Michele Scoufis, Director of the UNSW Learning and Teaching Unit (LTU) with considerable help from the UNSW Committee on Education and the Staff of the LTU.  ....(Name of your University) grateful for the authors and UNSW for allowing the Univesity to base its website on the UNSW site."
Also please send the url so I can display it on this website
Adrian Lee

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