4. Mathematical and information sciences and technology

The following are url or download links to descriptions of teaching activities considered to be exemplars and clearly exhibit one or more of the Guidelines in action in the discipline category listed. Browse through the sites to see whether you could use the example described or create a learning activity for your students using the strategy shown. If you feel you have  an example to be recognized as an exemplar of one or more guidelines in action please send it as a link or PDF that describes the activities well enough for someone else to try it to adrianlee2@mac.com I will ensure that you get appropriate attribution.


  • Teaching mathematics to large numbers of university students using information 
    technology. Harry Gretton and  Neil  Challis. Sheffield Hallam University. A brave attempt of Guideline 13 in action in mathematics.  link 

    From the University of Missouri, St Louis. Changing the structure of the College Algebra Course intergrating technology and creating a learning lab resulted in an increase in pass rate from 55% to 78%. Many Guidelines in action i.e 1-active, 9-multiple modes and 16-feedback. Very detailed site with video clips. Part of the great Merlot Elixer site which has a similar focus to this site. link


  • Computer science. First lecture. This is a video of a first lecture in computer science presetnted by award winning teacher Richard Buckland at the University of New South Wales.. You might find it useful as an example as to how to lecture well in Computer Science or just have a look at good lecturing. Link 

  • You would put in your own exemplars here. Meanwhile I need some for this starter website. Please send to  adrianlee2@mac.com